Jordan Bratman might have beaten Christina Aguilera?

Days before Christina Aguilera filed for divorce from Jordan Bratman, Radar says she paid a visit to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with a bloody mouth and busted lip. Jordan claimed Christina had “fallen down” which, I guess, Radar is implying is code for “Oh sh-t. I left evidence.”

Christina’s private surgeon soon came and stitched her lip up. On October 12, Christina was photographed wearing a hat pulled down over her face in what seemed to be an attempt to hide the cut below her lip and is the same day they announced the divorce.

There’s no way Jordan Bratman beat up Christina. He looks so docile. Like one of those timid monkeys that go up to you and scurry away when you make eye contact. I’ve seen sleeping puppies scarier than him.

Up top is Christina in Hawaii with some dude not named Jordan Bratman.

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