Justin Bieber failed his driving test, is mature

Justin Bieber wrote in his biography, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, that he handled failing the written portion of his driving test with grace and maturity. Just kidding. He stomped around like a 2-year-old and yelled at passing motorists.

“There was no way I was getting in the passenger seat, bawling like a 10 year old. She (my mom) kept calling me as I walked to the corner of the parking lot and stood by the street. I felt every car driving by was taunting me. Some girl drove by, putting on mascara as she weaved down the boulevard – but she sure had a driver’s license, didn’t she? Some dude cruised by in a truck, smoking a cigarette, which he tossed on the street like the world was his ashtray.”

“I bellowed after him, ‘I hate you!’ It felt so good. I bellowed at the next guy, ‘I hate you too! And I hate you! And I hate you!'”

First, why does Justin Bieber have an autobiography at all? Unless he was doing blow off strippers at 13, in rehab at 14 and whoring himself out for crack at 15, nothing could be that interesting. What insight into his life could we possibly get. Oh, he threw a hissy fit because he failed his driving test? Great. Now we know he has the maturity of a child who dropped his PBJ. I guess the lesson learned is if you act like an immature baby, someday you may get a record deal.

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12 years ago

LOL! I laughed SSOOO hard at this.

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