Katy Perry rates herself a 10 in bed

Katy Perry spoke to Now Magazine and talks about how Russell Brand would be stupid to cheat on her because he has it so good. In fact, Katy says she’s so good at sex that Russell would rate her a 10 out of 10.

“He’s cheated in the past but he knows how good he has it with me and I know he’d never do anything to jeopardise that. I trust him 100%.”

Asked how she keeps him satisfied the Teenage Dream singer explained: “Like Ludacris rapped, ‘I’m a lady in the street and a freak in the bed’.

“I can’t rate myself, but if you ask Russell I’m sure he’d give me a 10 out of 10.”

Of course he’s going to rate her a 10/10. If Russell gave her anything less, Katy would be so pissed she’d line her vagina with bear traps. Russell was such a slut he probably did things Katy couldn’t pronounce. You could practically hear the squishing sound that Russell Brand’s eye roll made when she said this.

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