Kelsey Grammer’s ex sounds nice

Kelsey Grammer’s ex, Camille Grammer who’s in the upcoming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, seems really bitter about their split. Camille and Kelsey filed for divorce in July but reports say that though Camille made the first legal move, Kelsey was the one who decided to end the marriage.

In August, Kelsey and his current girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, added to the bitterness by confirming they were expecting. In October, Walsh had a miscarriage. In a statement released on the 9th, they said “We lost our unborn child about six weeks ago,” and added that they needed a little time to heal before they announced it.

Camille, however, chose to look on the bright side and calls this karmic retribution. Camille sounds delightful. She probably snickered when she heard about it. A source (coughcamillecough) said that although Camille feels sad about the miscarriage, she believes what goes around comes around.

Why do I get the feeling Camille would have punched Kayte in the stomach if this hadn’t have happened? She’d have been like the Robocop of abortions.

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no offence but shes enitled to feel a little bitter about the fact her usband of many many years leaves her and very quickly takes up with a woman 26 years his junior! i think any woman would be upset by that. the fact she got pregnant so quickly just adds insult to injury. id challenge any woman is camilles position not to be a little bitter over it all. i think shes entitled to feel hurt. the breakdown of a marriage is never easy, especially if one partner sods of with someone half his/her age!


The new girlfriend looks like his daughter not a partner!


What’s with the “Camille is a bitch” slant here?? Of course she feels bitter – her husband and tje father of her children runs out on her and knocks up some chickie he barely knows – so humilating! She has EVERY right to make a few comments. Kelsey is kind of a pig and I really feel no sympathy for him here.

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