Kim Kardashian hooking up with Michael Copon

Kim Kardashian is moving to New York for a new show on E! called Kourtney and Kim Take New York (Khloezilla must feel left out) and Kim recently told Ryan Seacrest that she’s never really been single and is down for some hookups.

“Everyone is now trying to hook me up,” she says. “In a way, since I hate meeting new people and I hate that first-dating thing, it’s kind of reassuring to know, ‘Okay, this [person] knows them, so maybe they’re normal.’ ”

“I’d be down for some hookups,” Kim says.

Turns out these fake hookups are already happening because she’s now dating Michael Copon from One Tree Hill. According to In Touch,

It’s all about new beginnings for Kim Kardashian — she has a new TV show, a new zip code, and now, a new man, too! A galpal of Kim’s tells In Touch that she’s dating actor and musician Michael Copon, who’s best known for his role on One Tree Hill. “Kim is dating Michael,” the source tells In Touch. “They have known each other for years, but he and Kim just recently reconnected.” Kim and Michael are currently in New York, where she’s filming Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and fans can expect to see more of her new hottie. “He’ll definitely be making appearances on Kim’s new TV show,” the source adds. Kim and Michael met in 2006 when they filmed Beyond the Break together, in which they played boyfriend and girlfriend. “They have been running in the same circles and going to the same events forever, but now they are hitting it off romantically,” the source says. “The timing is right for both of them.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second here. Kim is dating Michael Copon? And he’s not black? My mind. Blown.

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12 years ago

why doesn’t she go down to the zoo and hang out in the gorilla cage? she can hook up all day and all night, like she has been.

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