Lindsay Lohan can’t afford rehab

When Judge Elden Fox ordered Lindsay Lohan back to rehab, everyone probably thought Lindsay got off lucky. That may not be the case. Jail may have been better. Well, cheaper. Sources say Lindsay is so broke that she has to find a sponsor to pay the $50,000 bill if she wants to complete rehab at the Betty Ford Center.

“Lindsay can’t afford to pay for treatment,” a friend told me after Superior Court Judge Elden Fox ordered her to remain there until Jan. 3. “Three months at the facility will cost her almost $50,000, which she doesn’t have.”

Lohan’s probation report confirms that the star’s “clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product,” and any money she hoped to earn from filming ‘Inferno’ will have to wait until she leaves rehab.

“There is simply no money left,” an insider tells me. “Lindsay manages to live high off the generosity of others; however, asking for free clothes and dinners at fancy restaurants is one thing, asking for $50,000 cash is something totally different. Her people tried and failed to sell her first post rehab interview for big bucks, so her only option now is to find some sort of sponsor.”

The alternative is for Lindsay to stay in my basement with all the other “rehab patients” free of charge. I’ve got metal bars on the double paned windows and three deadbolts on the 50lb metal door so that the “patients” can’t get to any drugs. Also, did I mention my rehab is for women only and that being naked is a requirement? To make sure no one’s hiding any contraband, of course. Heh heh heh.

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