Lindsay Lohan caught escaping rehab for Coke

Lindsay Lohan is a bumbling imbecile so it’s no wonder she was caught trying sneak into the nearby Eisenhower Medical Center to try and buy Coca Cola from their vending machine. In her defense, most of the blame lies squarely on her accomplice, another patient, who got their clothes caught on the fence they were climbing.

The Betty Ford Clinic, where Lindsay, is rehabbing prohibits luxuries such as caffeine and television which is why she and a friend decided to hop a fence to get some soda from next door. But as you know, any plan involving Lindsay Lohan is doomed from the start. After her friend’s clothes were snagged, Lindsay flagged down a volunteer driving by in a golf cart. They were sent back to their hall “where they were the center of a process meeting over what they had done.”

Any type of escape plan Lindsay is a part of should be filmed and set to Benny Hill music. To think she could pull off something like that is absurd. It’d be as funny as watching a tiger try and peel a banana with its paws.

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