Lindsay Lohan left rehab, faces judge today

Lindsay Lohan left Betty Ford at 4:00 AM today with professionals from the clinic and her mom. Sources say reps at Betty Ford are prepared to testify that Lindsay is doing well and it would be better if she kept going back to the center instead of jail. Lindsay didn’t leave yesterday because she wanted to prove how serious she is about rehab this time.

At around 8 AM today, Lindsay showed up to court. TMZ says she looked great and that Michael Lohan was seen shuffling around outside.

Lindsay has been to rehab more times than she can count. Each time it’s never worked. Why? Because it’s a trick to make people think she’s changed. The judge has to have caught on to this. I hope when Lindsay’s lawyer starts talking, Judge Elden Fox puts his hand to her face to silence her and sentences Lindsay to a year in jail. Then everyone in court gasps and the judge slams his gavel shouting “order in the court!” and then eats a sandwich when everyone goes silent.

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