Lindsay Lohan wants her SCRAM removed

Lindsay Lohan has started complaining about the SCRAM bracelet the judge ordered her to wear. She’s complained to her lawyer, counselors and anyone within earshot that the ankle bracelet is uncomfortable and wants it off. Lindsay thinks that since she’s checked into rehab and they do regular drug testing, she doesn’t need it anymore.

The source told, “Lindsay doesn’t understand why she has to wear the SCRAM because she voluntarily checked into rehab and she is tested for drugs while being at Betty Ford.

“Judge Schnegg is the one that ordered Lindsay to wear the bracelet after allowing her to post bail, and go against what Judge Fox had ordered.

“Lindsay will have to wear the bracelet until her next hearing on October 22nd and could be forced to wear it for as long as Judge Fox makes her.”

Lindsay has no concept of responsibility. She’s lead a privileged life because she’s “famous”. The judge should just roll her eyes at Lindsay and make a dismissive wanking motion when Lindsay argues why it should be removed.

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11 years ago

Along with her herpes, chlamydia, hep C and the crabs.

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