Mariah Carey confirms pregnancy

First were constant rumors that Mariah Carey was pregnant, yet Mariah said nothing. Then there were pictures of Mariah looking like someone pumped her full of helium and still, Mariah said nothing. Now no one cares one way or another if Mariah is fat or pregnant but she has a new album to promote so obviously she’s ready to talk. Mariah went on the Today Show to confirm the baby news:

Carey told Bush — in a segment which aired on TODAY Thursday morning — that it’s been a struggle to keep the news private. “It’s been a long journey, but it’s been tough because I’ve been trying to have … to hold onto a shred of privacy. And that was not easy.”

In the spirit of some privacy, Carey, who shared the news with Bush from her home in Tribeca, didn’t divulge how far along she is. “It’s still early, I’m expecting in the spring, I’ll say that. I don’t want to give too much of like, specific outlines.”

“Uh, it’s absolutely emotional, but first, so many reasons I mean obviously the greatest gift on earth is a child,” Cannon said. “But … you know how much we have been through, you know.”

Not sure why Nick Cannon needed to be in the interview unless Mariah needed her purse held. Nick is like an appendix. Sure, he has a few uses but no one is going to miss him terribly if he’s cut out and thrown into a can of bio-waste. Don’t get me wrong. His skills as an umbrella holder are second to none but I’m pretty sure the Japanese invented a robot for that already.

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