Mel Gibson wants to do a bro-talk

Mel Gibson needs this whole Oksana Grigorieva thing to go away and Zach Galifianakis refused to let him do a rehab cameo in The Hangover 2 like Mike Tyson so now Mel wants to sit down for an interview. But not with a woman. With a man. Preferably one who’s real misogynistic and agrees with all his points about obligated blow jobs and won’t screw him over like that hussy Diane Sawyer.

“Mel did an interview with Diane Sawyer after his anti-Semitic remarks several years ago, and that didn’t go so well for him,” a friend of the actor says. “Now, with the stakes even higher, everyone thinks it would be better for a man to sit opposite another man to discuss everything that has been going on lately. I suppose the first choice would be Matt Lauer. It’s certainly not going to be Oprah after she almost got Oksana to tell all.”

I’m not sure Matt Lauer would be the best choice. He seems real feminine. One time I went to give Matt a fist bump and he covered his face and cowered in fear. If this sit down took place in a bar, Mel would order straight bourbon and Lauer would order a daiquiri and that would be the point in the interview where everything went downhill.

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12 years ago

Zach Galifianakis is a nobody B movie and TV actor that noone will even recognize in a few years. And he is going to regret being a dick.

What a bunch of hippocritical jerks–as if they would not be on tender hooks if a coniving GF audiotaped their wors moments? Not likely.

12 years ago

Uh…does this mean Mel’s NOT going to appear in “Between Two Ferns…”???

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