Michael Lohan wants to get drunk for Lindsay

While it’s pretty clear Lindsay Lohan wants nothing to do with her father, Michael Lohan, Michael still hasn’t gotten the hint. He constantly tries to get in contact with Lindsay for one reason or another. Mostly to attention whore.

His latest plan to talk to his daughter is to show up at the Betty Ford clinic and demand admission. If Lindsay won let him in, he’ll pretend to fall off the wagon, get drunk, cause a scene and stage his own arrest to show how much he cares for his daughter. Then he’ll check into Betty Ford to be near Lindsay.

Creating chaos around Lindsay who’s trying to get sober sounds like a great plan to show his love. Especially the part where he gets drunk and causes a scene at the Betty Ford clinic. That way the possibility of him getting tasered by cops increases tenfold and who wouldn’t want to see Michael Lohan twitching on the ground and defecating himself.

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13 years ago

He should commit suicide for her so she doesn’t have to!

13 years ago

how the hell do you know that thats his plan?