Minka Kelly named the sexiest woman alive

For 2010. As determined by Esquire.

To celebrate that honor, they told Minka Kelly to get half naked for a photo/video shoot. Turns out the easiest way to get girls to pose for you is to put cameras around her and tell her you’re from a big magazine. Duly noted, Esquire.

Minka had this to say in the interview:

On her mom: “My mom lived a fast life,” she says now. “It was all about what we could do to have fun with nothing. She — for most of my life, she was a dancer. An exotic dancer. She was a stripper. Um, so she would come home at like three, four o’clock in the morning, and sometimes she would have a really great night, and so she would wake me up in the middle of the night and we’d go to Ralphs and go grocery shopping. And that was so much fun. We’d have the whole grocery store to ourselves, and we would have a blast and buy a hundred dollars in groceries. And it was just the best day ever. The best day.”

On kicking ass
: “I’m a very nice girl, but nobody pushes me around,” she would write me later in an e-mail. She was talking about a fight she got into at school once. She had befriended a girl who knew how to kickbox — who, in fact, “came from a family of kickboxers” — and Minka eventually ended up kicking another girl’s ass in one of those big fights after school where everybody shows up. Even today, when you mess with her or one of her friends, she wrote, “that’s when you’ll see a whole other side of me. That’s when you’ll see the side that grew up in Albuquerque.”

On almost getting breast implants: She got the job working as a scrub nurse after high school, when she was living back in Los Angeles. On a test shoot for a modeling agency, the makeup person approached Minka with an idea. The woman turned out to be a former Playboy Playmate, and she said she wanted to manage Minka, turn her into a Playmate of the Year. Minka was nineteen. The woman got her a job answering phones at a surgeon’s office, the idea being that Minka would work enough hours to get free breast implants. The procedure was already on the calendar when Minka decided she liked herself the way she was and called it off. The old Playmate had her fired from answering phones — but Minka, having gotten to know the scrub nurses in the office, asked about becoming one. She went to school for a year and became a surgeon’s assistant.

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13 years ago

This is mind boggling how this girl somehow pulled off the lame title of “Sexiest Woman Alive”. She is cute but come on now!