Sean Penn’s girlfriend seems nice

Update: Radar says Jessica was out celebrating her break-up with Sean Penn so she had to beat a ho.

Jessica White is a Sports Illustrated model. She’s also a pretty good ass kicker. White was arrested Saturday morning after allegedly Chris Browning a woman in the face repeatedly and yanking her hair over a taxi outside a club in NY. Jessica, who’s dating Sean Penn, was charged with misdemeanor assault and released.

According to witnesses, White walked to 10th Avenue at about 4:50 a.m. to hail a taxi after leaving a Chelsea club. But while standing on the corner of West 17th Street, she got into a dispute with “a 28-year-old woman.”

According to the court complaint, White “pulled the victim’s hair and struck [the victim] numerous times in the face with her hand, causing abrasions, swelling and substantial pain.”

This isn’t the first time White had to beat a ho. She once took a baseball bat to a girl’s car during an argument when she was a teen. She also has a history of being difficult to work with. Reports say she will “chain-smoke on set, snap at hairdressers and the makeup artists.” She had to change agencies several times because everyone hated working with her.

Sean Penn also has anger issues, once kicking a photographer. This begs the question: Who’s on top when they have sex? My guess is Jessica but, in Sean’s defense, he’s probably a great power bottom.

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12 years ago

She looks like she’d eat your face on a bet or bite your baby for a dollar…

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