Shape Magazine is two-faced

The editor-in-chief of Shape magazine privately apologized to readers through email for celebrating LeAnn Rimes in their controversial October issue where she opened up about why she cheated on her then husband Dean Sheremet with Eddie Cibrian. Shape’s Valerie Latona wrote:

“You are all in good company…as you all agree Shape has made a terrible mistake in putting LeAnn Rimes on the cover,” Latona explained. “Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal-but to show (through her story) how we all are human. And this woman in particular found strength in exercise in what she said was her most difficult personal moment.”

Turns out the reason why they didn’t make a public apology is because they were throwing a party for LeAnn next week to congratulate her for being on their cover a third time. It gets even more awkward because LeAnn Rimes found out about the apology.

Just so all my fans know, I’m getting to the bottom of this. It’s the first I’ve heard of this. Shape is throwing me a party next week as a thank you and a congrats for being on their cover for the 3rd time. I find this very contradictory. I love you all!!

Yikes. That party is going to be more awkward than the time Mel Gibson told that racist joke at the Black Pride Parade. Maybe even more awkward than my tenth birthday party where the only people that showed up was my English teacher and stuffed animals. I sort of felt bad that I had to ask my teacher to leave because I didn’t have enough cups for the tea party.

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12 years ago

BUTTER FACE!!!! Ahhhh – my eyes are BLEEDING!!!! (bang)

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