T.I. talks down suicidal man off a ledge

In what could have turned into a bad situation or a publicity stunt gone wrong, T.I. talked a suicidal man off a 22-story ledge in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon.

Cops were called about a man threatening to jump off a building in downtown Atlanta where Ryan Cameron does his radio show. T.I. heard about it, put on his cape and tights and recorded a video message that cops played for the man. In the video, T.I. said, “Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.”

The man came down, met T.I. in the lobby and the two talked things out. Then they left with a bro hug and shared a cup of sizzurp. No charges will be pressed against the man.

If I were T.I., I would have John Cusack’d it and held a boombox over my head while Third Eye Blind’s Jumper blasted out of it. Granted, the guy would have jumped off the ledge like he was Carl Lewis but there’s always the off chance someone likes that terrible song and that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’m brave!

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