The guy Gisele Bundchen was kissing was just a friend

A little less than a week ago, Gisele Bundchen was photographed at the Vogue 90th Anniversary party in Paris seemingly kissing a guy not named Tom Brady. Today, Gisele’s rep explains why, who the guy was and whether or not it was just a harmless peck on the cheek (it was).

The guy is an NYC art dealer named Helly Nahmad and once dated Ana Beatriz Barros. Gisele’s rep explains, “This is her friend of 15 years, Helly. Her first New York friend when she moved here. He was the only one [Gisele] could speak to [when] she spoke no English. He is very much part of her close circle of friends. No worries there!”

Nahmad told Brazilian newspaper O Dia, “Gosh, it was a kiss on the cheek,” and claimed the camera caught them at a deceptive angle. Tom Brady even saw the photos and laughed about it.

There you have it.  Gisele was only in the most romantic city in the world with one of her closest guy friends, a person who she’s known for 15 year and has a very close relationship with, at a party where all you can drink champagne was served. No need to worry, Tom Brady. The camera was just at an awkward angle.

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