Toni Braxton is $50 million in debt

Toni Braxton just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California. Braxton claims she’s only worth $1 – $10 million but is $10 – $50 million in debt. This even though the 43-year-old Braxton has sold more than 40 million albums in her career. Yikes. TMZ has a list of creditors she thinks she owes money to:

— AT&T
— The Four Seasons Hotels
— Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
— Various medical bills
— DirecTV
— Neiman Marcus
— The William Morris Agency
— Tiffany & Co.
— Orkin Pest Control
— The Internal Revenue Service
— BMW Financial Services
— ADT Security
— American Express
— Flamingo Las Vegas
— Mesa Air Conditioning
— Nevada Power Company
— Screen Actors Guild
— The Westin
— Wells Fargo Bank

I don’t think creditors would let me go through life without sending me hordes of letters with big red lines on them telling me if I don’t pay, my family will be raped. How does Toni Braxton rack up all these bills. Orkin Pest Control? Don’t you pay those guys with a check or cash after they finish. I’ve never known them to have a layaway plan. AT&T? Seriously. An unlimited plan is probably $120-$150 a month.  What the hell is she doing? Going to Japan and Europe and having 6 hour convos with her next door neighbor? A two-year-old could manage money better than her.

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Frank teh Tank
Frank teh Tank
12 years ago

I guess Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd stopped feuding over her…so the attention dried up.