Charlie Sheen really likes hookers and blow

You’d think being taken to the hospital after cops found you drunk and high on coke in your trashed hotel room with an escort/porn star locked inside the bathroom screaming for help, you’d be a little hesitant about partying again. Not so for Charlie Sheen.

Days after that incident, Radar says Charlie went on another hooker and coke binge in LA. A source said, “Charlie’s cocaine use is out of control. The situation has gotten even worse.”

In fact, escorts have been shown up at his house for “several nights” and have commented on how impressed they are by how hard he parties.

A friend who’s known Charlie for more than 20 years even predicts “Charlie Sheen is going to die this week.”

That friend should stop being so dramatic. When you do what Charlie did and aren’t arrested, charged or even have your probation revoked, you’re invincible. What’s the worse that could happen now? Especially since he’s in LA. At most cops would knock on his door and suggest he keep the noise down and tell him that it’s cool if he doesn’t but, you know, if he wants to.

Charlie won’t die either. He’s like Superman but instead of being powered by the Sun, he’s powered by 8-balls and whores.

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12 years ago


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