Courtney Love looks best after sex

Courtney Love tells Elle magazine that she looks the most amazing after great sex. Elle magazine proceeds to dry heave.

Love said, “I look my best after good sex – like we all do.” Sadly, “dignity” is being cited as one of the main reasons why no one has been able to confirm Love’s statement.

Courtney also says she’s not a whore. “My philosophy on love is once I love someone I always love them. I’m possibly the most separate from my public image as any celebrity that has ever lived. In fact, I’m outrageously wholesome. I’ve even been told I’m a bit prudish.” So it turns out what you thought Courtney had going for her (being slutty) is completely false. Yikes.

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Grouo1 Exec
Grouo1 Exec
12 years ago

CL equals necophilia. seriously. some people are that sick.

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