Denise Richards turned down $1 million

I had to ball my fists and rub my eyes in disbelief when I read that Denise Richards turned down $1 million for a sit down tell all about what happened the night police found a hooker locked in Charlie Sheen’s hotel bathroom.

An insider tells Popeater that “Denise saw everything. Not only did she witness everything that happened that night at the restaurant, hotel and hospital, over the past few years she has seen everything yet refuses to kiss and tell.” They add, “She has turned down Oprah and lots of other media offers that want her to reveal the truth. Since the day they divorced, hundreds of offers have been rejected. It wasn’t her style then and it’s not her style now.”

Shock. Awe. Denise Richards claws at fame like it’s her last breath of air so it’s odd she’s not selling out Charlie Sheen. Either she’s holding out for one big score or her hush money is getting really good residuals.

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