Dina Lohan admits Lindsay is an addict

Dina Lohan showed up on Today where she finally admitted Lindsay Lohan has a drug problem despite years of denial.

She says Lindsay is a changed person from only five weeks of rehab. “She’s just a different person. She’s been in a couple facilities, but this one to me has really changed her.” Consider that this rehab isn’t really a rehab because Lindsay can leave to shop and get Starbucks whenever she wants. The only thing that’s changed is she’s gotten pretty good at escaping a real jail sentence.

When asked why Dina denied her daughter was a drug abuser the last time she was on Today, Dina gave an excuse she found in a fortune cookie.

“Yes,” she is comfortable admitting Lindsay is an addict, Dina told Lauer. And the reason she’d been unwilling to admit as much before was because Lindsay had to admit it first. “As a mother it wasn’t for me to come and tell the world about her problem … I wasn’t in denial. It was for her to come to her evolution. As a mother we protect. Now I’m happy and relieved myself.”

Translation: I didn’t want to publicly admit Lindsay had a problem because she was still my golden goose but now there’s hard evidence she took cocaine so I kind of have to.

Dina later whispered in Matt Lauer’s ear, “Do you guys do direct deposit?”

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
12 years ago

michael can deprive anyone into addiction. but the truth is that dina wants her daughters to be happy, and michael doesn’t understand what it takes to make his girls happy.