Emma Watson kisses like an animal

Asked about the make-out session he had with Emma Watson in the new Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows film opening Friday, Daniel Radcliffe said it was not as he expected, saying Emma kissed “like an animal.”

“I thought it was going to be like a soft, sensual sort of moment, and it was this very vigorous kissing scene,” said Radcliffe.

“It was very awkward,” Watson said on the red carpet. “[Radcliffe] was a gentleman about the whole thing. We were both very nervous. ”

Rupert Grint didn’t get to see the actual kiss on set because he was too distracting to Watson since he couldn’t stop laughing.

“Emma sent me out,” Grint said. “It was quite animalistic, really, when you see it on screen.”

Sounds like Emma learned how to kiss by watching Jessica Simpson eat a pie.

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12 years ago

She’s so cute, I can’t even make any vulgar comments about her…

The Blemish
12 years ago
Reply to  chester

You just have to believe in yourself.

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