Everyone hates the Kardashians

The Kardashians launched a new $100/year MasterCard and were paid $25,000 each to show up at Pancha to promote it on Tuesday night. They were required to stay for at least 3 hours. Guess how that turned out?

The West 46th Street club paid MasterCard for Kim, Khloe and Kourtney to grace its red carpet, but “they stayed for just 45 minutes then left. The organizers were furious and were calling them demanding they come back. They did come back, but only stayed for another hour.”

A Pacha rep told us, “We are extremely disappointed. They did not fill out their contractual obligations to be there for three hours. We also paid Khloe’s travel fees. We would like a refund.” The card costs $99.95 a year and could rake in millions for the sibs if their fans sign up. A Kardashian rep said, “The girls did all the press and meet-and-greets they were obligated to do. There was a miscommunication between the club and MasterCard that was not relayed to us, and so we went back.”

That MasterCard deal could net the Kardashians a good profit and they can’t even stay at a club for three hours? Isn’t that basically what the Kardashians do anyway? It’s not like they have anywhere else to go and if Khloe was that desperate, I’m sure they could have arranged for someone bring back a box of donuts for her.

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