Heidi Klum wins the costume contest

Every year Heidi Klum holds her annual Halloween party where she dresses up just so she can embarrass everyone else and their Halloween Superstore costume. This year was no different. Held at NYC’s Lavo, Heidi dressed up as an 8-foot-tall robo superhero while Seal dressed up as the Silver Surfer. Heidi could have called herself Thanos and no one would have said anything.

“I wanted to be like an alien transformer,” she told Us at the party at NYC’s Lavo. “It took a few hours [to get ready], but I was well-prepared because someone has been building it for me for quite some time, so when the time came, I just put it on. But the makeup, that took a little while longer!”

I heard if you came to this party dressed in a fancy argyle sweater or even as a generic vampire and you weren’t a chick with big tits and a push-up bra, everyone got to throw rotten tomatoes at you.

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