Keira Knightley feels violated after robbery

Keira Knightley’s flat was robbed of two laptops worth around $3,225 last week. Detectives think they’ll look to sell whatever private information is on the laptops.

Police don’t think Keira was specifically targeted as the burgulars also hit two other homes in similar fashion last week. Police say the burglars could have spent an hour rummaging through Keira’s things.

A police source said Keira feels violated and doesn’t want to return to the flat. “Keira is mortified to think anyone has been rummaging around her personal stuff.”

I’m guessing they’ll look for sex tapes or nude pics but who knows if they’ll be smart enough to get to them. They’ll probably just sit there pointing a gun at the log in screen yelling “TITS OR GTFO!” like I would do.

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