Kendra Wilkinson can’t take a hint

Kendra Wilkinson is on the cover of Playboy but she already told everyone that it’s an airbrushed cover from 2 years ago before she was pregnant. Ergo, this was the perfect time for Hank Baskett to drop the hint that she should hit the gym more.

“He’s like, ‘I’m so proud of you! You look so good!'” Kendra, 25, told of her husband’s reaction at a signing event for Ab Cuts at a GNC store in L.A. “Even though that’s like, so long ago, I’m like ‘urghhhhhh!'” she added, doing a fist-pump move.

“I’m very happy, very honored to be on the cover with the old pictures,” cooed Kendra, who’s gotten married and had a son (Hank IV, nearly one) since that nude photo shoot.

Positive reinforcement never works because it’s so subtle that it can go over people’s heads like with Kendra. That’s why the more blunt approach is preferred. There shouldn’t be any confusion if Hank called Kendra “fatty fat fat fat” and put a combination lock on the fridge.

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