Kim Kardashian will pimp anything

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian was in New York promoting the Charmin public restrooms in Times Square. After cutting the Charmin toilet paper ribbon, she was given the official restroom key from the Charmin Bears.

This seems fitting. Kim’s big ass probably needs a special toilet and then half a roll of tp to wipe up. When she sits down, the toilet looks like it has a muffin top.

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12 years ago

The Kardashian ripoff card In addition to a cost of between $59.95 and $99.95 to activate—”an unprecedented starter fee for prepaid cards”—it includes a whole bunch of other “abnormally high fees” including a $7.95 monthly fee after the initial purchase period, a $9.95 card replacement fee ($25 if you want it expedited!), and a $6 fee if you cancel the account and want your balance mailed by check.

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