Kristen Stewart will be practically naked

To drum up interest for the final Twilight sequel Breaking Dawn, a source who’s read the script says if all goes as planned, Kristen Stewart will be naked in the movie. Sort of.

Taking a hit from their inhaler, they explain, “The script actually has Kristen practically naked in it a lot.” Ugh. Keyword “practically,” meaning, she won’t be naked at all. I feel like punching someone in the face for wasting my time.

Then there’s more depressing news. Kristen’s wedding dress in the movie will be ugly. :( “It’s hideous. And it’s not the designer’s fault. Let’s just say someone who has final say on the matter has decided upon a terribly conservative and ugly gown,” wheezes an insider.

Two things I hoped for in the new Twilight movie, nudity and a pretty wedding dress, have now been taken away from me. I don’t know if my 12-year-old fat encapsulated fan girl heart can take this.

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