Lindsay wasn’t fired, she quit

Lindsay Lohan is a screw-up so it was only a matter of time before she was kicked out of her comeback role in Inferno and replaced with someone else, say, Malin Akerman. Which is what happened early this week.

On Monday, her dad, Michael, who Lindsay reportedly hates again, came to her defense. He told Celebuzz, “Lindsay left Inferno. Wilder can go shove it up his butt. She didn’t want to do that movie. He’s full of it. He was trying to ride our coattails.” What coattails he’s talking about, nobody knows.

Michael continued on his spittle infused rant, “She doesn’t need to do a movie like that. Give me a break. Great thing to do for a girl that’s going through recovery. Put her in a position to act in a position where she’s a drug addict. Real genius, and he cares, right? Come on. Biggest hypocrite on the planet. If he wants to say he fired my daughter or let her go, let him say it to my face.”

To recap: Lindsay petitioned to be in Inferno. Tyler Shields even shot fake promos for the movie to convince the studio to cast her. She even went to Cannes to promote the film which was actually an excuse to head to France to party because at that point there was nothing to promote. That’s when she lost her passport and failed to complete her probation classes. Over the next few months, she and Inferno director Matthew Wilder insisted she was still playing Linda Lovelace despite her ongoing legal troubles. So you see, that’s why she quit all of a sudden.

Apparently, she doesn’t want to do it anymore anyway and it wouldn’t be good for her because she’s a recovering addict which is nonsense because she was an addict when she fought for the part and everybody knew it. Michael claims Matthew was using Lindsay for her fame and trying to ride her coattails. Oh, wait. He said, “ride our coattails.”

No wonder Lindsay is so screwed up. Both of her parents are fame whores who only care about Lindsay so long as they can make a spectacle out of her life and attach their name to it. You could dropkick your baby into a dumpster and you’d still be a better parent than Dina and Michael.

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10 years ago

And Michael Lohan wasn’t an anal graft that grew on a donor scrotum.

10 years ago

Malin Ackerman is better looking anyway.

10 years ago
Reply to  Chewy

I meant to say he “wasn’t” an anal wart that was transplanted onto a donor scrotum.

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