Of course she did

In news that will shock no one, Jessica partied at her house in Encino with pizza and finger foods from Loggia Italian Bistro on Thursday to celebrate her engagement to Eric Johnson. Guests included Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. Joe made a toast. Suffice to say, Jessica “had a great time. She was so excited to share her news with her family and friends and show them the ring.”

I’m pretty sure that could have just read, “Jessica Simpson + Pizza,” and everyone would have went “Ohhh” and nodded their head.

In related news, Jessica cried for 5 minutes after Eric proposed with the ring she bought for herself.

“I had to sit on his knee; I was so shocked,” the singer. “I first said ‘Yes!'” Simpson told Harry Smith, giggling. “I didn’t even try the ring on until 5 minutes in,” she explained. “I just sat there and cried with him.”

She says she loves that Johnson went the unconventional route with her new sparkler — choosing the ruby, her birthstone, to make the ring stand out.

“I’ve already done the traditional thing,” she sniffed of her ring from first husband Nick Lachey, who’s also newly engaged to love Vanessa Minnillo. “I wanted to do something that was different.”

She says that beau Johnson “had a plan a long time ago” to propose. “He had a [sit-down] with my mom and dad about it…He was a gentleman about it.”

Now promoting a new Christmas album, she cooed that Johnson is “the best man in my life…He is just really thoughtful. Keeps me very centered. [He always] makes me feel like my feet are on the ground.'”

I like how Jessica throws out compliments given that she chose the ring herself. She might as well just stare in the mirror like I do every day winking at her reflection and saying, “Hey there, sexy!”

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13 years ago

in the interview with Harry on GMA, i get the impression that Jessica wants us to think she is pregnant. that way the timing of Eric’s proposal would not look as if it was intended to upstage Nick. the upchucking story which left her unable to sing is supposed to serve as corroboration. however, because she is intensely stupid and can do more than repeat the lines she’s rehearsed, she herself ended up blowing her own cover in the interview with Harry when one minute she’s admitting that the whole thing was her idea, and the next minute she is… Read more »