Papa Joe wants a prenup

When Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced, there was no prenup which is how Nick walked away with $10 million of Jessica’s money. Now that Jessica is engaged, she’s set to make the same mistake because she’s a hopeless romantic. Or just an idiot.

Popeater says that while Jessica isn’t worried about her $100 million fortune, she’s lucky Papa Joe is looking out for his 10% cut her. Once the engagement excitement dies down, a source says Joe is going to do everything he can to make sure Eric Johnson doesn’t end up walking away with her money.

“At the moment, Joe is sitting back and being a great father, supporting his daughter and his future son-in-law,” a family friend tells me. “However, you can bet after all the excitement has died down, Joe is going to do everything in his power to make sure Jessica doesn’t walk down the aisle until Eric signs away any right he might have to Jessica’s enormous fortune.”

What about this unemployed ex-tight end who’s only famous now because he leeches off Jessica and who proposed after only 6 months of dating makes him seem so shady? Ulterior motives? Ha! Eric doesn’t even know the meaning of those words. Literally. Joe is totally overreacting

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