Pink will name her kid after a whiskey

The problem with naming your kid after a product is the endless amount of ridicule they’ll have to endure. Turns out Pink and Carey Hart don’t think that will be a big deal because if they have a boy, they’re going to name him Jameson after the whiskey anyway. A girl on the other hand, they’ll be a little nicer to and name her something people won’t make fun of.

“We’re all over the place,” Pink told Billy. “I’m all about meaning, and Carey feels like he had a girl’s hair cut and a girl’s name, and he doesn’t want kids to have a weird name.

“I have to get him on the boat for originality, so I’m working on him,” she laughed.

Though the couple has yet to decide on a girl’s name, Pink revealed their top choice for a boy: Jameson.

“My dad’s name is James, and my brother’s name is Jason,” she told Billy. “[Carey and I] are both Irish, Carey’s middle name is Jason, [and] Jameson – we like whiskey. That’s a no brainer.”

At least Pink and Carey Hart aren’t fans of Butterscotch Schnapps because that kid would have been screwed. You might as well pre-swirl his head before school with that one.

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12 years ago

Still can’t believe she’s pregnant…….

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