Russell Brand has an amazing marriage

Newlywed Russell Brand opened up about his marriage on Loose Women, a way sexier sounding View-like talk show in England. He made Katy Perry sound delightful.

“It’s just a normal marriage,” Brand, 35, claimed, offering an anecdote as proof. “The other day, I put a shirt on and she went…’You’re wearing that shirt, are you?'”

Brand was initially taken aback by Perry’s command. “I thought, ‘That’s actually happening? That’s a thing off a sitcom. That happened in my actual life. I wasn’t allowed to wear it. If she says don’t wear that shirt, I don’t wear it,” he quipped, gesturing that “where i live” is under Perry’s thumb.

How depressingly normal. I was expecting crazier. Like Russell would tell Katy to f–k off and Katy would throw a bottle of Jack at his head. Not this. This is the type of conversation couples have before a murder-suicide.

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11 years ago

It’s OK. He has her convinced she has TWO pussies…the pink stinky one and the brown stinky one. He’s in charge. She is retarded.

11 years ago
Reply to  chester

Silly catholic girls

the wolf
the wolf
11 years ago

Anyone who dresses like a giant raffle ticket has no business commenting on someone else’s clothes.

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