Sarah Palin knocked off PEOPLE cover for Kim Kardashian

Apparently Kim Kardashian’s fat ass bumped Sarah Palin from the cover of PEOPLE. There wasn’t enough room for the three of them so the jewel of Alaska had to go. To make matters worse, Palin was supposed to be on PEOPLE to promote her show Sarah Palin’s Alaska whereas Kim didn’t even know she was going to be on the cover.

Palin had been penciled in as a possible cover with an exclusive interview to promote her TLC show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” “Kim didn’t know she was going to be the cover this week,” a source said. “She only did the interview at an event with the magazine just days earlier.” Palin’s six-page spread was photographed by Michael O’Neill, who flew up to Alaska, while Kardashian’s pictures were pick-ups. A rep for People said, “Completely false.” Palin’s reps did not respond.

Palin probably wanted to do the cover in a business suit or dressed like an Eskimo but Kim was willing to show cleavage. Obviously Palin thought PEOPLE was bluffing when they said, “TITS OR GTFO!”

Update: Okay. Maybe it was less about tits and more about this insightful comment from Kim that PEOPLE wanted to highlight on their cover. Kim’s cover quote, “I thought there’d be hoverboards by now.” Image here.

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10 years ago

“There wasn’t enough room for the three of them”

I see what you did there.. :D

10 years ago

Kim’s face appears to be getting bigger. Kinda like her cellulite ass seems to keep getting bigger.

10 years ago

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