The Kardashians pull out

The Kardashians just gave a Notice of Termination to the companies behind their prepaid debit card backed by MasterCard amidst allegations that “it’s riddled with hidden, possibly illegal fees.”

Although that wasn’t what concerned them. What they were really worried about was all the negative press they were getting since the Attorney General of Connecticut opened an investigation to determine whether or not their card violated consumer protection laws.

The card costs $99.95 to own with a card purchase fee of $9.95 along with 12 monthly payments of $7.95 as long as they own it. Every time the owner wants to add more funds to the card, an additional $1.00 is charged. To speak to a live operator, they’re charged $1.50 and auto bill pay will run them $2/transaction.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, Kardashian lawyers write, “The Kardashians have worked extremely long and hard to create a positive public persona that appeals to everyone, particularly young adults.”

The lawyers claim the investigation “threatens everything for which [The Kardashians] have worked” — so the family has decided to “terminate the agreement … effective immediately.”

Um, so, does this mean I have to return my Kardashian debit card? Because I’m not yet tired of people thinking I’m a complete fairy when I use this to buy my wine coolers.

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12 years ago

That should read “The Pacific Fleet pulls out of Kim Kardashian and they can’t get the stink off”

12 years ago

Trying to take the money and run, Kim and her sisters now hope the public is dumb enough to believe that they had no idea about the costs, charges and hidden fees with this card. Yeah, right! their dad was a lawyer and the whole family has friends in all the right places so its too late to plead stupidity just admit that even though you knew people would be screwed more than you were on your sex tape, you signed on for the money and now you’re gonna lie about it and hope that your team of lawyers can… Read more »

12 years ago

At least we still have Kardashian Insurance and Bottled Air around to keep this from being the worst day ever. What’s next, finding out I can get water somewhere else other than a bottle in the gas station? This is not what I signed up for at birth.

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