Ving Rhames gets harrassed by Ving Rhames

Listen to these hard ass motherf-ckers threaten each other over the phone both demanding each other to give them an address to meet so they can smoke each others asses. Little do they know, they’re the same person. Whaaa?

This is supposedly a guy harassing Ving Rhames with a soundboard of his own voice or just a good Ving Rhames impersonator playing along with his own soundboard. Whatever the case, the best part comes when the real Ving Rhames promises to shoot faux-Rhames in the mouth and f-ck him in the ass and then there’s the part about making the real Ving’s dick hard. I’m not sure what that’s all about but I’m going to use that whenever I get into an argument with the lady at Starbucks. [Buzzfeed]

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