ALF Says the ‘N’ Word

This rare, re-discovered video is probably the greatest blooper real you’ll see today. Partially because ALF was awesome and partially because, holy crap, ALF dropped the “N” bomb (4:40 mark in video).

In this blooper reel from the ’80’s series, ALF starts shouting the “n” word over and over like a racist kid with tourettes. But it doesn’t stop there. ALF also jerks it in front of Lynn Tanner and tells her to straddle him. From Badtvblog:

Last night I sat at my desk poking around the Youtubes determined to find a clip from the late 80’s sitcom ‘Alf’ that would make for good fodder for this site. I had somehow gotten it into my head that there was a joke there, some amazingly funny footage that the bigger outlets had yet to come across. What I did not expect to find was an obscure “lost” blooper reel containing everybody’s favorite wise cracking extra terrestrial puppet dropping the N-bomb. Holy yikes.

The clip comes from a youtube user that bought the footage as a VHS tape off of Ebay ten years ago and to date it has never aired (for obvious reasons). From what I can tell no other trace or reference to it exists on the internet. So behold ye loyal badtv viewers, for your eyes are about to be among the first to witness this truly mind bending scene: it’s Alf, the alien puppet with questionable cultural sensitivity, droppin N-bombs on yo ass.

This is amazing on so many levels. Because now ALF is an “n” bomb dropping, cat-eating alien instead of just a cat-eating alien. This is like watching a majestic unicorn gore someone.

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Dutch Danish
Dutch Danish
13 years ago

Alf, you racist bastard.