Angelina Jolie defends her film

Angelina Jolie’s debut directorial effort about a female Bosnian Muslim detainee and a Serbian prison guard have a few Bosnian rape victims in an uproar. A few living victims think there is a rape plot line and that the victim, the Bosnian woman, falls in love with her attacker, the Serbian man. They now want Angelina to be stripped of her title as “goodwill ambassador” because she doesn’t know enough about the ethnic conflict to tell about it.

Angelina responded, “there’s on person who has a gripe. The absolute majority of people, population, the cast, prime minister, president have been extremely supportive.”

Then a beam of light shone on Angelina and harps played as she ascended into the heavens. If you want a statement from Angelina, all you have to do is clasp your hands together and pray.

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11 years ago

Who makes her sunglasses I want them!

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