Anna Faris tried to seduce her father

Well, not really. Anna Faris told Ellen DeGeneres that she and her husband Chris Pratt used to sext each other on Wednesdays. That is until she unintentionally sexted her dad. Sort of like how I unintentionally drop my pencil so all the ladies can look at my tight ass when I bend over to pick it up. What do you mean “not like that at all?” Whatever, dude.

“One time I was sending him a text, and I accidentally sent it to my dad,” the Yogi Bear actress, 34, says on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show scheduled to air Tuesday.

The message in question? “I can’t wait to see you in bed tonight,” she wrote.

“We used to have a spicy relationship,” Faris says. “Now this is really going to embarrass my mom that I told you that story.”

Anna also said she had a close call with her husband’s 9-year-old nephew. Although, if it was as tame as “I can’t wait to see you in bed tonight,” then it would have been less shocking than watching a Two and a Half Men. Anna needs to learn to sext better. Like me. I write sexier stuff like, “Bought the condoms, laxatives and handcuffs. ;)” But then again, they always text back, “How did you get this number?,” Oh, don’t play coy, Ashley Greene.

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