Beyonce Had a Good Christmas

Last minute shopping sucks. The malls are crowded, there’s no parking and everyone is in a rush to find one thing that doesn’t suck.

If you’re a rich, famous rapper, however, last minute shopping is pretty much like every other day of the year. From Page Six,

“Jay was in a private room of Hermes doing last-minute shopping. He had a guard standing watch outside. He spent $350,000 on Birkin bags, among other things.” The buying binge took so long, Jay-Z missed his scheduled lunch at Nello, prompting the restaurateur to deliver his food to the store. Jay-Z has plenty to spend — he’s getting $1 million to perform at the opening of the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Vegas on New Year’s Eve. His rep declined to comment.

Then Beyonce blew him. The end.

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