Chelsea Handler has been ranting about Angelina for ages

Chelsea Handler doesn’t see what the big deal is about calling Angelina Jolie a b*tch c*nt home wrecker. On her show yesterday, Handler says she’s been making fun of Angelina ever since she made out with her brother. “If I’ve learned nothing from this, it’s to write some new jokes,” Handler quipped.

First of all, like everyone has said, it was Brad who left Jennifer’s boring ass. There was no stealing or using of feminine wiles. Brad isn’t just a mindless moth that flew to a brighter light. Though he did. Second of all, Chelsea Handler’s hate mail must be hilarious. They either read “FUUUUUUUUUU!” or are thesis papers on why she’s unfunny and how big of a b*tch she is.

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11 years ago

This bitch is SO not funny. Leave it to E! (Excrement Television) to give her a show. Oh well, ifr her stand-up fails she can always continue Executive Producing quality entertainment like “Pretty Wild…”

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