Dawn Holland Could Face Federal Investigation

Dawn Holland could face a federal investigation and a civil suit for violating HIPPA.

” I agree that Holland is behind the 8-ball,” Santa Monica Criminal defense attorney Steve Cron told “Everyone knows that LL (Lindsay Lohan) was a patient at the Betty Ford Center, but it’s an entirely different story to give details about her treatment and possible violations of program rules.”

Cron, the expert defense lawyer, says he believes Holland was ok calling police about the Lohan alleged incident – but committed a crime by then giving the information to TMZ.

“I didn’t have a problem with her (Holland) notifying the police to report a crime (i.e. battery), but to go to TV with TMZ, and to get paid for it, is a blatant violation of HIPPA, for which she could be prosecuted criminally and sued civilly,” Cron told

“I see no likelihood of BFC getting prosecuted criminally because they didn’t do anything to violate HIPAA, and in fact, immediately fired the employee who had disclosed information. BFC could easily be sued civilly because in a civil context they’re responsible for the actions of their employees.”

Radar adds TMZ could face criminal investigation and prosecution for accepting confidential documents from Dawn.

Lindsay must be the luckiest person alive. She’s gotten out of every kind of trouble that she’s brought on herself simply because she once was a popular actress. So if you’ve ever wanted to kill a hooker and get away with it, try getting famous first.

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