Dina Stands Behind Lindsay 100%

You knew that it would happen eventually. Dina Lohan finally gave a statement about Lindsay Lohan’s Betty Ford assault saying she didn’t ever tell Lindsay to refuse a breathalyzer. She was just trying to comfort Lindsay over the phone after what the staffer did to her. “I stand behind my daughter 100% … the whole thing with the woman is a little sketchy.”

Since Betty Ford has fired Dawn Holland, the employee involved in the incident, Dina couldn’t be happier. Betty Ford gets to keep it’s high profile client and Dina gets to tear Dawn’s credibility apart. Dina says about Betty Ford, “With all the fabulous employees they have, it’s unfortunate that someone with this kind of background gets through. I stand behind Betty Ford. It is such a fabulous facility. They have been nothing but great. They really helped my daughter and changed my life, too.”

Then there’s this little non-shocker. Sources say the Probation Department won’t recommend to Judge Elden that he violate Lindsay’s probation unless she’s convicted of criminal battery.

The Probation Department has not made a decision on whether to recommend violation of probation based on the refusal of a breathalyzer. Nothing has been said about the violation of curfew.

I can’t decide if Lindsay is being coddled or if everyone in this case is so extremely lazy that they don’t want the hassle of dealing with her. I guess the trick to getting out of trouble is to be really annoying. So next time you’re arrested, make sure to fidget around a lot making it hard to cuff you and scream in the cop’s ear until he lets you go. It’ll work, trust me.

NSFW version of header here.

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