Dr. Drew Didn’t Call Angelina Jolie a Heroin Addict

Yesterday, Dr. Drew expounded on a bunch of celebrities including Angelina Jolie who he said was a heroin addict and whose eventual meltdown will be nuclear.

“Just add up a couple things… there’s no such thing as ‘I was a heroin addict’. That doesn’t exist in nature. Something is going on with [her] addiction. Or she’s in recovery (and) I don’t see any evidence that’s the case.”

… Now put those two people together [Brad and Angelina] and you have got a really volatile situation. And they’re constantly creating things to weld themselves together. Which is only going to serve to make a more nuclear eruption. There will be some sort of meltdown that will be phenomenal when it does happen.

Dr. Drew tells Radar that his words were taken completely out of context and that they were never meant to be printed. “I do not know Brad or Angelina (and) I certainly don’t want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way. I’m deeply concerned and apologetic and apologize for these comments that were taken out of context.”

“Literally as though one was speculating, just going through an exercise of speculation and not some sort of analysis that was supposed to be factual or for public discourse… I could not be more upset and disturbed that these things were printed as though I was making some sort of categorical analysis of people I really don’t know.”

Mm hmm, Dr. Nostradamus. Sure they were taken out of context. The wrath of Angelina fans must have rained down on him. They probably threatened to take the Dr. out of his name and replace it with “Cut Up Bitch”.

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13 years ago

Taken out of context???? It was a lengthy and very specific attack and diagnosis of two people he had never met. If that spewing was out of context, how damn long was the diatribe in the first place? And it was not meant to be published? It can’t be taken back. He can’t excuse what is implied as his musings. This guy needs very intense psychiatric counseling. And it wasn’t just fans of the Jolie/Pitts that responded so strongly. The response was from any intelligent person that understands professional ethics and the unacceptable psycho babble from a media entertainer try… Read more »

13 years ago
Reply to  Greginmtk

Angelina does apear to have serious issues! Who buys there son a daggar as a present?!!!! She also was a cutter!

13 years ago

“Dr.” Pinsky has been saying this C*** about Angie since 2009 Playboy interview but this is the first time he mentioned Brad in any sort of negative way. Bad move!!