Elizabeth Hurley checked out a while ago

A report by Us Magazine claims Elizabeth Hurley’s now ex-husband, Arun Nayar, was determined to make their marriage work. Elizabeth, however, felt that took too much effort and instead found Australian cricket player Shane Warne to occupy her time with. This wouldn’t be so bad had she told Arun that she was nailing Shane while he was trying to fix things.

Behind the breakup? “He wanted children so badly,” says the insider, while Hurley, who had son Damian with Steve Bing in 2002, “didn’t want to go through the pain of IVF. Liz doesn’t compromise, everything was her way or no way.”

Now, says the source, Nayar is scared he won’t be able to see Hurley’s son. “He doesn’t want to lose Damian,” says the insider. “They are so close — he is ‘Daddy’ to Damian. And he’s embarrassed that his marriage fell apart so publicly. He feels Liz intentionally humiliated him.”

True. It would have been a lot better if Elizabeth told him straight up that she wasn’t going to work on anything but that would have taken the sting out of discovering she had piece on the side through the media and that’s a risk she wasn’t willing t take.

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