Hugh Hefner Has Sad Little Sex Parties

Another former Playboy Playmate, this time Izabella St. James, released a tell-all about what goes on inside Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. It’s nothing like you imagine. More akin to a personal brothel than the Garden of Eden.

Izabella was invited by Hugh to live with him and seven other girlfriends in 2002. Being 26 at the time and a law grad, she naturally accepted his offer. Little did she know what she was in for. Muahaha. Er, sorry.

On her living conditions:
‘Each ­bedroom had mismatched, random pieces of furniture,’ she recalls in her autobiography Bunny Tales. ‘It was as if someone had gone to a charity shop and bought the basics for each room. Although we all did our best to decorate our rooms and make them homely, the mattresses on our beds were ­disgusting — old, worn and stained. The sheets were past their best, too.

‘Eventually I persuaded Hef to pay for a new mattress and bed linen — but I had to turn in every single receipt before I was reimbursed. Hef also eventually permitted us to have the rooms painted and recarpeted. But for some reason he insisted on creamy, white-coloured carpets. He liked the girlfriends’ rooms to look very girly, all white carpet and pink walls. It looked great at first, but with two dogs (most of the girlfriends had pets that lived in their rooms — I had two pugs), butlers delivering food, dirty shoes and occasional spillages, the carpet was grey and stained in a matter of months.’

On Hugh’s non-house-trained dogs:
‘But then Hef was used to dirty carpets. The one in his bedroom had not been changed for years, and things became significantly worse when Holly Madison moved into his room with him as Girlfriend No. 1 soon after I moved in, bringing her two dogs.

‘They weren’t house-trained and would just do their business on the bedroom carpet. Late at night, or in the early hours of the morning — if any of us visited Hef’s bedroom — we’d almost always end up standing in dog mess.

‘Everything in the Mansion felt old and stale, and Archie the house dog would regularly relieve himself on the hallway curtains, adding a powerful whiff of urine to the general scent of decay.’

On being treated like whores:
‘Every Friday morning we had to go to Hef’s room, wait while he picked up all the dog poo off the carpet — and then ask for our allowance: a thousand dollars counted out in crisp hundred-dollar bills from a safe in one of his bookcases,’ she says.

‘We all hated this process. Hef would always use the occasion to bring up anything he wasn’t happy about in the relationship. Most of the complaints were about the lack of harmony among the girlfriends — or your lack of sexual participation in the “parties” he held in his bedroom.

On Hugh cracking that whip:
‘If we’d been out of town for any reason and missed one of the official “going out” nights [When Hefner liked to parade his girls at nightclubs] he wouldn’t want to give us the allowance. He used it as a weapon.’

On their curfew:
‘Strictest of all was the curfew. Everyone had to be on the Mansion grounds by 9pm every night — unless we were out with Hef at a club or a function. People honestly did not believe us when we told them we had a curfew at the wild and crazy Playboy Mansion.’

On their two nights of freedom and Hugh’s aphrodisiacs:
Freedom of a kind came on Wednesdays and Fridays, the official nights out, which were the prelude to the twice-weekly sex parties in Hefner’s bedroom.

‘Quaaludes were supposed to give you a nice buzz,’ says Izabella St James. ‘Hef told me once that they were meant to put girls in the mood for sex.’

On the sex parties:
‘There was no protection and no testing for sexually transmitted ­diseases,’

‘I wanted to see if this experienced King of Sexdom knew anything the rest of us did not,’ she recalls. ‘But he just lay there like a dead fish.

‘We often wondered why he did it at all. He must know deep down that it is just a show. But he is trying to live out this fantasy he has been selling to people since 1954. He wants to live up to the Playboy image he created and the expectations people have of him.’

This makes the Playboy mansion sound absolutely depressing. The girls there are pretty much sex slaves with slightly better living conditions and have a $52,000 salary. Why, if I wasn’t so turned on right now, I’d do something about it.

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13 years ago

Act like a whore get treated as such. Playboy models are basically prostitutes.

13 years ago

That must be the tenth level of Whore’s Hell for those skanks! And that filthy, old man probably smells like moth balls…maggot puke.

13 years ago

All those girls who work(ed) there,are nohing more than cheap prostitutes,just for the money.

10 years ago

Life is that hard for some girls they end up there with very little choice. Its bad but i dont blame the girls, i blame hefner for picking up these wayward girls and making selling themselves sound like the best option.