Jake and Taylor were “cuddly”

Taylor Swift celebrated her 21st birthday at her Nashville home with Jake Gyllenhaal on Monday night. Sources say she and Jake were reportedly “cuddly” and “obsessed” with each other. Also, there was no drinking. What kind of GD 21st birthday party is this?

Although she’s now of legal age, Swift didn’t drink alcohol at the Christmas-themed bash, the reveler says. In fact, the source says, “no one was drinking” during the fete. But she and Gyllenhaal were “cuddly and so cute” and “obsessed” with one another, the reveler says.

The party-goer adds that no other celebs surfaced for the fete at the country star’s recently purchased home, which was decorated with yuletide decorations throughout. “I want a Christmas-themed birthday, because I love Christmas as much as my birthday,” Swift recently told Us Weekly in Taylor Swift: Inside My World. “Combining the two just seems like the perfect festivity.”

She hinted that she wasn’t interested in imbibing alcohol too much: “My friends drink, but I’ve never felt the need to,” Swift said.

You couldn’t see it but reading this story, I stuck my finger down my throat and rolled my eyes to the back of my head all disinterested-like the whole time.

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11 years ago

god, she is pathetic. I seriously hate people who make a point of not drinking. and yes, I make a point of letting minimum people at a party know I’m not drinking

11 years ago
Reply to  M

Waaa. At least she’s not a whorry, fucked up mess like Brittany, Lindsay and the rest of that bunch. You wish you were that pathetic. PS Have another drink. PSS Have you found your pants in the alley from last night?

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