Jessica Simpson will have a prenup

There was a report yesterday that Jessica Simpson made close to a billion dollars off her clothing line. Jessica’s net worth based on this line alone is estimated at $100 million. Add in her music and she’s worth a fortune.

Still, there were rumors that she didn’t want a prenup even though her dad strongly disagreed. However, new reports say she’s finally getting one. Her dad probably had to explain how many ice cream cones she could buy to convince her.

Exhibit A, the source points out: “There will definitely be a prenup” for the pair. “Jessica has said she wants one. Jessica and Eric have talked about it,” the source tells Us.

Indeed, there’s a lot of dough at stake: The Jessica Simpson fashion/accessories brand grossed about $750 million in retail in 2010 alone.

“[Eric] understands that there needs to be a prenup,” the insider explains. “He’s supportive of it.”

After dating for less than six months, ex-NFL pro and Yale grad Johnson popped the question to Simpson, 30, on Nov. 11.

“He really loves her,” the source continues. “He’s a low key guy. He’s not into the glitz and materialism of Hollywood at all.”

Jessica Simpson must be the luckiest person in the world. She seems nice enough but she’s an idiot bordering on retarded. Reading about her success is aggravating only because she  somehow manages to bumble through life and end up on top. Like Forrest Gump.

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