Joe Francis’ Wife Moved Out

Accused sexual harasser/tax evader Joe Francis married CBS reporter Christina McLarty in a civil ceremony at his Mexican estate in early November. Guess how that went? A source tells Radar that Christina “moved out and they might be getting a divorce.”

Joe’s rep denies the report but the source claims she’s living at her mom’s house right now. They add, “I’m not sure if she is still driving the S500 Mercedes he let her use or if she still has her $500K engagement ring, but she definitely moved out of his Bel Air home.”

She better still drive the Benz and have the ring. She was married to that douchebag for a little over a month. That has to count for something. In fact, in some countries, they give you a gold medal for putting up with that guy.

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Sagin from the grave
Sagin from the grave
11 years ago

That scumbag/douchebag has sooo much bad karma floating around him, I’m sure he’ll be killed by a meteorite.

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